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Cheap Hostels in Lecce

Lecce is the capital of the southern region of Puglia – the heel to Italy’s boot – and a city of great importance to the region. It’s certainly not a small town, and in addition to the historic monuments and attractions the city also offers visitors some of Puglia’s famous beaches.
Thanks in part to its size, Lecce has a wide variety of accommodation options at all price points. During the high season, it can be more challenging to find budget-friendly accommodation, however, as Italians flock to the nearby beaches on their own holidays. To stay within your budget, look for an available room in one of the hostels in Lecce – but don’t overlook the many small budget hotels in the city, either (also indicated on the map below). They may not have dorm rooms, but they’re definitely budget-friendly.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Lecce