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Cheap Hostels in Perugia

The Umbrian hilltop town of Perugia has long been famous for its university (especially popular with foreigners learning Italian) and its chocolate festival (held each October). More recently it’s been in the news as the backdrop for a murder and subsequent trial, but as most people will tell you that snapshot of Perugia isn’t what the city is about. It’s a picturesque town full of romantic corners and historic buildings, and its student population means there’s a youthful vibe almost year-round.
Despite being home to a university, Perugia isn’t always cheap to stay in – especially in the high summer season or during the chocolate festival. To save money, stay in one of the budget hotels or hostels in Perugia, and if you’re planning a trip for EuroChocolate be sure to book well in advance.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Perugia