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Cheap Hostels in Portofino

If the first place you think of when you think of Liguria isn’t the Cinque Terre, chances are very good it’s Portofino. This similarly small fishing village is further north along the Ligurian coastline, almost unreasonably picturesque, and a popular stop for smaller cruise ships that can anchor offshore and ferry their passengers in to enjoy the town itself.
While it’s a town beginning with P much further south in Italy that is most famous as a playground for the rich and famous (Positano), Portofino doesn’t have a reputation for being overly budget-friendly, either. To find budget accommodation, look in parts of town that aren’t right on the water – and keep in mind that although there won’t necessarily be a plethora of traditional dorm-style hostels in Portofino, there are smaller budget hotels that will help you save money, too.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Portofino