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Cheap Hostels in Portovenere

How can you enjoy a view off the Ligurian coast without squeezing into the tiny Cinque Terre with everyone else? Easy – pick a different Ligurian coastal city. Portovenere is nearby, somewhat larger than the Cinque Terre villages, and although it’s definitely a tourist town it isn’t generally as crowded as the Cinque Terre.
Budget travelers visiting this area will find better bargains on hostels in Portovenere if they visit outside the high season (targeting the months on either side of the summer will offer nice weather and slightly smaller crowds) and if they look for accommodation that isn’t overlooking the water. Those views come with a high pricetag. Also keep in mind that some of the budget-friendly accommodation options listed here are budget hotels rather than traditional hostels.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Portovenere