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Cheap Hostels in Rimini

With the enormous amount of coastline Italy claims, there are several beachside towns that have become famous over the years. Perhaps the most famous – and most popular – seaside resort town in the entire country is Rimini in the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s one of the best-known beach resort towns in Europe, in fact, and for that reason can get quite crowded in the high season.
Budget travelers wishing to stay in Rimini may find it challenging during the high season, when accommodation is harder to come by at any price. For a better chance at finding budget-friendly accommodation, try visiting outside the high season (just on either side of the summer when the weather’s still good but the biggest crowds aren’t there) and look for hotels or hostels in Rimini that aren’t right near the beach. A less convenient location will mean a lower pricetag.

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