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Cheap Hostels in Trieste

The city of Trieste is a stone’s throw from the border of Slovenia, in a region that changed hands in almost every war. You’ll find different languages spoken here other than Italian, depending on who you’re talking to – and as for the city itself, it’s home to a pretty waterfront and a surprisingly high-tech main square. By day, the square is delightful and pretty – but stick around at nightfall when the pavement comes alive with hundreds of blue lights.
Trieste certainly isn’t the most expensive city in Italy to stay in, but because it’s a port city – and therefore a city of business travelers – it can sometimes be challenging to find a budget bed. This is why budget travelers will appreciate the hostels in Trieste. Note that on the map below not all the hostels in Trieste are right in the city center. If you’re traveling without a car, you’ll want to make sure you choose a place that’s in the city center and close to the things you want to see and do.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Trieste