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Cheap Hotels in Assisi

Perugia is the capital city in Umbria, but the town of Assisi gets as much tourist attention – if not more – because it’s the birthplace of St. Francis. (In fact, the sites associated with St. Francis in Assisi are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.) The town is, therefore, as much a destination for pilgrims as it is for travelers who are simply interested in the history and the beauty of the surrounding area – but there are lots of places to stay in Assisi that can make it a good home base for exploring Umbria.
Assisi is quite hilly, so if you have qualms about lots of walking up and down hills to get to and from your hotel, you may want to choose a hotel that’s closer to the major monuments. You’re still likely to have to do some walking, but perhaps not as much as if you chose a hotel a bit further away.

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