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Cheap Hotels in Bergamo

The pretty old city of Bergamo makes a delightful day trip from the hustle and bustle of Milan, but if Milan is a little too busy for your taste and you’d rather find another homebase altogether, then Bergamo is a fine alternative. It’s a fairly quick train trip from Milan, so it’s easy to get to a major rail hub when you want to head to another part of the country, but it’s also quite close to the often-overlooked Lago d’Iseo if you want to take an excursion to an Italian lake from your Bergamo base.
There’s a modern city below the old, walled high city in Bergamo, and while there are some hotels in Bergamo within the old walls the majority of the budget-friendly places are in the new city. There are frequent buses that run back and forth from the low city to the high city, so it’s easy to get back and forth.

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