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Cheap Hotels in Siena

There are hotels in many different parts of Siena, but I highly recommend staying inside the old city walls if you can. You’ll have a much better experience of staying in this beautiful city – especially after the day-trippers leave and the hilly historic center is more peaceful.
If you’re visiting in the peak summer season, remember that although Siena is a popular day trip destination from Florence it’s also incredibly popular for people who want to stay overnight. The city bursts at the seams during the Palio, which takes place twice each summer, and it’s critical that you book well in advance if you want to see the famous horse race. Even if you’re not going to be in Siena during the Palio, however, summer visitors are still encouraged to book in advance in order to get a room in a hotel in the old city center rather than the more modern outskirts of town.
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