Moving to Italy

Dreaming of exporting yourself to the Bel Paese? Here are some thoughts and resources on doing just that.

Not everyone can travel to Italy every year, or be in Italy whenever they want – so, for some, the next best thing is reading about Italy. Immersing oneself in a book about Italian culture or set in an Italian city can offer a delightful temporary escape – not to […]

A Reading List for Italophiles

As you read this, it’s likely that I’m en route back to the U.S. after spending nearly six weeks in Italy. And it’s also quite likely that I haven’t changed my mind – I’m not ready to go back yet. This trip has been intense, and a lot of hard […]

Heading Back to the US Today, Ready or Not

We spent Sunday afternoon wandering around the Brera neighborhood in central Milan, having a lovely little lunch, visiting an art museum (more on that later), and re-visiting a gelato shop we liked from our last trip to Milan. Then, on our way back to the apartment, we passed by a […]

Making Friends at the Pasticceria

Well, the husband and I finally got to move into our apartment yesterday – we’re renting a furnished apartment from an agency in Milan, and thankfully the place matches the photographs exactly. Between those pictures and doing a little neighborhood research via this maps site (where you can do a […]

The Keys to an Apartment in Italy

When I first started learning Italian in the spring of 2001, it was in anticipation of my first trip to Italy. Naturally, then, I focused on “survival Italian” – how to order in a restaurant, how to ask for directions, how to be generally polite to people. When I got […]

Will I ever be witty in Italian?