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Beckham Likely to Play for AC Milan in 2009

I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard the intiial rumors trickling in earlier this year that Ronaldinho would be joining my Italian soccer team, AC Milan, I was skeptical. (That may actually be an understatement.) But after a dodgy start to their season, the team has been on a streak of playing pretty darned well lately, and lots of the credit has to go to Ronaldinho. He’s not only been scoring his own goals, he’s been creating lots of opportunities for other players to score (or at least get close). So, I may have to eat my words with regard to Dinho.

But that isn’t enough of a learning experience, apparently, for me to not be incredibly skeptical about the newest AC Milan rumors. It appears that the famous David Beckham may soon be wearing the red and black.

Now, the reports are that it’s only going to be temporary, because Beckham’s LA Galaxy is now done with their abysmal season and Becks has to stay active and fit in order to get called up to play for the England national squad, but still. It’s weird. As the husband put it, “How are they going to fit all those egos on one field?”

Beckham is good, there’s no denying that. He’s a legend. But is he a good acquisition, even if only temporarily, for Milan? I assume he’s not going to be sitting on the bench, because otherwise he could just train with the team to stay fit. So whose position will he be taking? All I can say is, if Andrea Pirlo (aka My Boyfriend) is fit and back on his game by then, which he should be, Becks better not think he’s getting Pirlo’s spot on the pitch.


(Gianfranco at the AC Milan blog on The Offside has also pointed out that Rossoneri fans really don’t want their beloved team ending up being the place where aging superstars come to die. Amen to that, Gian.)