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Berlusconi’s Wife Demands Public Apology for His Flirting


I don’t know too many women who would choose to scold a flirtatious husband by sending a letter to the editor of one of the largest newspapers in the country, but I doubt there are many women like former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s wife.

A former actress, Veronica Lario is certainly used to drama, so I’m sure she knew exactly what she was doing when she sent a letter to the editor of La Repubblica – who then published its contents on the front page.

Lario referred to comments the 70-year-old centre-right opposition chief reportedly made to several glamourous showgirls during a gala dinner given after a top TV award ceremony last week. “Addressing a few of the ladies present, my husband made remarks I find unacceptable: ‘If I weren’t already married, I’d marry you straight away’ and ‘I’d go anywhere with you’.

“These statements undermine my dignity and, given the age, political role and family situation of the person who said them, cannot be written off as playful comments”.

“I am asking for a public apology, given that I haven’t received a private one,” Lario said in the letter, which was all the more embarrassing for Berlusconi since it appeared in the country’s leading left-wing daily.

So, which do you think was more embarrassing for Silvio – the letter itself, or the fact that it appeared in a left-wing newspaper?

Lario’s actions have sparked a debate among lawmakers in Italy, and the two sides of the argument are (predictably) largely gender-based. Women are applauding her actions, while men are criticizing her for airing private matters.

Berlusconi apologized to his wife, issuing a statement asking for her forgiveness. She did, after all, ask for a public apology, though she has refused to comment on the apology itself. Her secretary is quoted as saying “she prefers to remain silent.” Well, now she tells us…