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Buffon: Probably Leaving Juventus but Probably Not for Another Sport

If you needed any proof of just how little I know about most sports, when I saw the headline “Giants line up to sign Buffon” my first thought – I kid you not – was, “But there aren’t any goalkeepers in American football…” Okay, do I get points for at least knowing Buffon’s a keeper? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

After the Calciopoli-related relegation of Gianluigi Buffon’s Juventus team last year, I had a ton of respect for Buffon for staying with the team anyway. Now apparently he’s saying he might be done with Juve at the end of this season. I can’t blame him, really, as many of his superstar former teammates jumped ship when the team was sent to Serie B – without an all-star lineup, it’s going to be more difficult for the team to win its way back to Serie A, where Buffon wants to be. If he really wants to leave Juventus, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be at a loss for offers.