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Discounts for American Travelers to Florence in 2008

I love finding travel deals, so I was happy to find this discount program for Florence. It’s not a major discount, and it’s probably not going to save you enough money to spend an extra week in this incredible Renaissance city, but any way you can save money on a trip to Europe this year is worth looking into. So, let me introduce you to the Fiorino Effect.

The city of Florence and the surrounding province have introduced a new tourism campaign targeted at Americans called “The Fiorino Effect,” which gives American citizens a 10% discount on participating hotels and restaurants, a 15% discount on performances at some theatres, a 20% discount on some museums, and completely free admission to the Palazzo Medici.

Now, if you’re still trying to figure out where to go this year on vacation, the Fiorino Effect discounts might not be enough to make a trip to Florence affordable for you. But if you’re already planning a trip and haven’t yet booked things like your hotels in Italy, these discounts can definitely save you money. So, if you’re planning a trip to Florence before December 31, 2008 (when the program ends), be sure to check out the list of participating hotels and restaurants and print out the Fiorino Effect voucher (it’s a PDF).

Learn more about The Fiorino Effect visit the Florence tourism website (including some of the other places you can use the discount, other than hotels and restaurants). Thanks to Cherrye at My Bella Vita for the heads-up on this deal.