Italian News Snippets: 04.27.08

Some Italian news for your Sunday reading pleasure:



  • Shelley’s blogging again (oh, how we missed her), and she’s shocked that someone’s trying to kill people by starting a bike sharing business in Rome. (Bonus video of skinny, blonde Italian “weather girl” on TV!)
  • There are lots of Italians who are already using the iPhone, regardless of whether it’s actually available in Italy yet. But there are reports that the iPhone in Italy (when it gets there legally) will be available only through Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM).
  • The body of one of Italy’s most revered saints, Padre Pio, will be on display in Puglia for the 40th anniversary of his death.
  • I’ve read lots of reasons why the Italian government was always resistent to Air France buying Alitalia, but the one I believe most is one I heard from an Italian a week or two ago – that it would imply Italy was somehow under French rule. That same Italian said, however, that if Alitalia could buy Air France, that would be no problem. No surprise there, right?
  • I missed this, but Italofile’s got a video from a recent episode of “60 Minutes” that was about one man’s search for a “lost Leonardo” painting.
  • Drinking to excess is seen as uncouth in Italy, but the proliferation of “pub crawls” and other alcohol-fueled outings at youth hostels around the country is leading to more Italian youngsters drinking like some of their counterparts in other countries. Even Italians are drinking too much, apparently.


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