Italian News Snippets: 05.04.08

Some Italian news for your Sunday reading pleasure:




      • There’s another “36 Hours” series entry from the NY Times, and this one’s in Naples.

          • The incoming (for the third time) Prime Minister’s wife thinks that Italy should be split up, that it was “never well-suited to being a single country, and has never matured enough to become one.”

            • Beppe Grillo’s “V-Day 2” had the Italian news media in its sights, and it sounds like at least several thousand people agree with Grillo enough to have rallied in public about it.

              • Murano is famous for its glass blowing, but this story is about a guy who’s engraving the glass for a unique and beautiful effect.

                                • Five French mountaineers died in an avalanche in the Italian Alps last week – one person survived.


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