Italian News Snippets: 05.11.08

Some Italian news for your Sunday reading pleasure:



  • The Giro d’Italia started yesterday! The Giro d’Italia started yesterday! I only wish I had time to blog about it… But you can bet I’m watching it.
  • Want to find out which Italian surnames are more common in which parts of Italy? Just type the name in question into the box in the upper left that says “Cognome” and click the “Trova” button. You can even search in the US!
  • The cost of pasta in Italy is soaring, and sales are apparently falling as a result. I can’t help but wonder – if Italians aren’t buying pasta, what on earth are they eating?
  • A travel writer for the LA Times recently moved to Rome, and she posted a couple charming anecdotes of things that happened to her just after settling into her new apartment.
  • Dogs are now allowed in Rome’s bars, restaurants and shops, so don’t hesitate to bring Fido with you on your Roman outings.


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