Italian News Snippets: 05.12.07


    • Want to learn your way around one of Italy’s cities while also adding a little whimsy to your home? Why not pick up a fly swatter in the form of Milan’s street system? It even comes in four fashionable colors.

      • Remember my post about crazy fun Italian festivals? Jackie found one that’s a frog race – only the frogs are on little wheelbarrow things that people push along the course. Sounds like an easy ride for the froggies.

        • Something tells me that talking to a computer-generated person at the tax office would be even more frustrating than talking to a real person, but then again I’ve never had to deal with the Italian tax man. Maybe Betty is a pleasant alternative.


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                      • Visitors to Turin can see some of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines produced in 3D computer images at the Biblioteca Reale.

                        • I don’t know about you, but an “artificial sleep machine” just sounds like a way for slave-driving bosses to eke another few hours out of their employees. Maybe it’s got a less sinister application, too?

                         Photo by: Mario Annosi

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