Italian News Snippets: 05.25.08

Some Italian news for your Sunday reading pleasure:



  • If you’re heading to Rome and you like dead people, check out the newly restored mausoleum underneath St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • I never really thought about my pasta being pro-Mafia, but there’s a special anti-Mafia pasta that was on sale yesterday, and the profits are supposed to go to retired Italians.
  • Berlusconi has moved his cabinet to Naples, fulfilling a campaign pledge to “base his government in the southern city instead of the capital Rome to resolve the rubbish crisis.” But there are more problems than just garbage facing Naples, not to mention the rest of the country.
  • Berlusconi had his first cabinet meeting held in Naples to put a spotlight on the city’s trash crisis. But garbage trucks worked overtime before the pols arrived in order to clear up the route they’d be driving through the city. Sounds like they’re already not doing a very good job of facing reality.
  • Flying directly into Florence could get easier as the airport’s traffic and profits increase.
  • Italy Magazine features a couple articles on places you may not have considered visiting before – Maratea in Basilicata, and Terme de Saturnia in Tuscany.
  • Wow. Italian soccer star Diego Maradona either has a serious axe to grind, or a serious case of the whiny-pants. Or both.
  • Here’s an interesting article about the Italian piazza – not one in particular, but kind of all of them.
  • Padre Pio’s tomb has been desecrated, supposedly by the Capuchin friars who took a “sneak peek” at the body before it officially went on display.


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