Italian News Snippets: 13 February 2007

There’s more Italian news out there than you can shake a prosciutto at.




  • Veronica Lario, Mrs. Silvio Berlusconi, feels “more at peace” after having publicly asking for an apology from her flirting husband.
  • Italian women are the most sexually active in Europe. Did you need another reason to visit?

  • The sperm whale is back in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Sicily. Scientists thought they’d been “wiped out by drift nets.”
  • As if the overall warming of the earth weren’t bad enough news, climate changes might render some of Italy’s top wines extinct.
  • Donatella Versace has a word of advice for US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Lose the pants.
  • A restaurant in Rome is getting neighborhood grandmothers to help out in the kitchen, which is perfect for anyone – like me – who doesn’t actually have their own Italian nonna.

 Photo by: mumu1367