Italian News Snippets: 3 March 2007


What’s that funny-looking blob next to the lowercase i, you ask? Why, it’s Italy’s new logo, of course. You can read about it and marvel at its ugliness while you check out the rest of the recent Italian news bits:


    • Italy’s volcanos are rumbling – the ground at the Campi Flegrei caldera, near Naples, is “undergoing renewed uplift” (sounds like volcano botox to me) and Stromboli erupted on Tuesday. Stromboli’s last eruption in 2002 led to a small tsunami.





            • Italy’s Family Affairs Minister thinks all Italian hospitals should have foundling wheels installed. Don’t know what a foundling wheel is? There’s a picture and description here, including a story of how one worked exactly as they’re intended recently.

                • There are several stories about a Florence hospital which apparently transplanted several organs from an HIV-infected patient into three people who, at least before their transplants, didn’t have HIV. Whoops.

                  • There are plans to raise the price of rail tickets, and of course people are already complaining. Italy has some of the lowest train fares in Western Europe.

                    • New lights will be shone on Roman mosaics in Sicilyliterally.

                          • The Mediterranean city of Genoa will host the end of the Tall Ships regatta this year.

                            • Legendary film composer Ennio Morricone got his first Oscar last weekend, a lifetime achievement award. I couldn’t hear his acceptance speech, delivered in Italian, so I couldn’t tell if Clint Eastwood was translating or reading from a prompter. Anyone know?

                                • A teenager has been arrested for the death of the police officer in the post-soccer riot in early February.

                                  Photo by: Valerio_D

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