Italian News Snippets: 31 January 2007

Some Italian news highlights from around…




  • Word to the wise: If you’ve got a First Century BC Roman funerary monument, chances are tough you’ll have a hard time selling it – even if you hack it up into pieces – on the black market.
  • I imagine it would be hard to pierce the earth in much of Italy without hitting something of historic and/or archaeological significance. A new dig in Puglia has uncovered prehistoric fertility rite temples.
  • The Ferrari 60 Relay began this week in Abu Dhabi, and “will involve the participation of over 10,000 Ferrari owners and fans who will be driving a vast array of Ferrari models from the past six decades.” If the husband owned a Ferrari (alas, not yet), he’d be all over this one.

  • Have you seen Rome’s Palatine Hill? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – it’s at risk of collapsing, so most of the attractions are closed. There’s a new drive to make the area safe – and a money-making tourist spot – again.

 Photo by: Maurizio

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