Italian News Snippets: 7 February 2007

Some news from around il Bel Paese while you sip your morning cappuccino…



  • Nero’s Golden House, the Domus Aurea in Rome, opened on February 4th after being closed for more than a year of restoration work.
  • A new exhibit in Venice turns the canvas on great artists – it’s a show of self-portraits, including such greats as Raphael, Tintoretto and Chagall.
  • Icons of St. Nicholas (yes, it’s the same guy) are on display in Bari, including a painting which is 1400 years old.
  • Italian scientists are doing some amazing work these days – the newest discovery is an “anti-AIDS molecule.”

  • Martha’s got a rundown of the stadiums which are hosting soccer games this weekend, and whether they’ll be allowed to actually let fans in.

 Photo by: Valerio

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