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Italians Enthralled by Berlusconi’s Domestic Dispute, Don’t Approve of Wife’s Actions


As I noted earlier, Silvio Berlusconi and his wife, Veronica Lario, were in the midst of a rather public spat, one which (naturally) has had the country “in thrall” for the past few days. Now, the results of a poll have been released which indicate that although most Italians are paying attention to the couple’s dispute, a majority of them think Lario was wrong to take the argument into the public arena.

According to a poll issued on Thursday … only 33% think it was a good idea for Lario to air her grievances in a letter to Italian daily La Repubblica.

For 55% of respondents, Lario was wrong to go public while 12% said they had no opinion on the issue.

As you might expect, women were more supportive of her actions than men, but it was still only 37% of women who said they approved. Over 30% of respondents to the poll said “they thought Lario’s decision was politically motivated.”

It’s also worth noting that Berlusconi’s public apology to Lario is in direct contrast to his words of last month; Bob at The Offside notes that Berlusconi had accused a soccer player of not behaving like a real man, that his wife was calling the shots, saying, “A true Milanista and a real man would not have behaved like this. At my home I’m in charge and decide what happens.” I’m surprised Lario didn’t take offense to that comment…