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Italy’s Launches New Anti-Smoking Campaign

Italy adopted an anti-smoking law two years ago and it has “virtually ended all smoking in cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.” As a non-smoker, I think that’s brilliant news. This year, Health Minister Livia Turco unveiled a new campaign designed to get people to stop smoking:

Once approved, the government’s plan will offer incentives to companies which offer programs to help their employees kick the habit, slap heftier fines on those who continue to smoke at their work place and offer tax deductions on the purchase of anti-smoking products and the cost of anti-smoking treatment centers.

There will also be a parallel campaign targeting children in the hopes that they can be prevented from smoking in the first place.

According to figures from the Health Ministry, 90% of Italians are in favor of the ban on smoking. Now, if anyone were to find that drinking espresso causes cancer, that would be an entirely different kind of fight, I imagine.