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Murder of “Too Loud” Neighbors Shocks Italy


There’s a story of a gruesome murder that’s been in the Italian press lately, and the shocking twist every murder mystery needs came last week. The three women and two-year-old boy who were stabbed to death weren’t killed by a drug dealer from Tunisia, or in any kind of drug-related vendetta. They were killed by their neighbors because the couple downstairs felt they were too loud.

The otherwise reasonable-sounding couple (aren’t they always the ones who snap?) confessed to the crime after blood from one of the victims was found in their car. The murders, however, weren’t a spontaneous act – they had apparently planned the killings over a period of months, and went so far as to rush from the crime scene to a nearby fast food restaurant in order to get a receipt they hoped would serve as their alibi.

The details of the murders are in the article. They’re not for the faint of heart.