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New Flights on AirOne: Milan-Boston & Milan-Chicago

The Italian soccer league’s season is done now, but in the last few months of watching the games I started noticing a particular advertisement around the billboards at the perimeter of some of the fields. They were announcements of new flights connecting a couple of U.S. cities with Italy on AirOne, an airline I hadn’t heard of. I was intrigued, though, so I looked them up and this is what I found out.

AirOne is an independent airline based in Rome and mainly serves cities throughout Italy and Europe – including Vienna, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Athens, Zurich and London. But starting in June, AirOne will also have flights between Milan in Italy and Chicago and Boston in the United States. The Milan-Boston flights begin on June 14, 2008, and the Milan-Chicago flights begin on June 21, 2008. Both routes have gaps in their schedules (Milan-Boston is not offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and Milan-Chicago is not offered on Wednesdays), but it’s a great new route addition to those of us who routinely lament the high cost of airfare to Italy. (Seriously, why can I almost always find great deals on other flights to Europe, but not Italy? What is up with that?)

At any rate, perhaps the best part of these new routes is that AirOne is offering special discount airfare deals to introduce the new flights – you can find fares to Milan for less than $500 (not including taxes and fees). You’ve just got to book them by June 13, 2008 at least two weeks ahead of your trip, and you’ve got to include a Saturday night stay in your schedule. The trip itself can be for anytime in 2008, except for the month of August. Presumably this is because the entire staff of AirOne, like much of Italy, will be on vacation in August. (I kid. Kind of.)

To check out AirOne’s new flights and book your flight, see the AirOne website or call them toll-free at 888.935.9247.