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Pompeii Still Yielding Surprises – City’s Origins Unearthed


The preserved city of Pompeii is on the list of many visitors to Italy, and with good reason. It’s an amazing piece of time stopped in its tracks. There is much still to be unearthed at Pompeii, however, and the site is still able to yield surprises.

The origins of Pompeii have been discovered after years of excavating, and the people who built the original city weren’t the Romans or even the Greeks, but “an ancient people called the Samnites.”

Wielding photos of inscriptions, votive offerings and even entire buildings, Guzzo said “a new season of studies has begun”. “For the first time we have come to understand how Pompeii was born and not just how it died” … “The most exciting discoveries were the frescoed buildings with precious mosaics, still perfectly intact, dating back to the Samnite foundation of the city in the Third Century BC,” Guzzo said.

It sounds like there’s no better time to pay a visit to Pompeii and see what’s new. Or should I say old?

To plan a trip to Pompeii, you can look up fares for air tickets to Rome, as well as discount hostels in the area. To get to the site itself, take the train to Naples and then change to the local Circumvesuviana train line. Get off at Pompeei Scavio. Tickets are €11.