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Starbucks has nothing on Italy’s classic cappuccino


Put away those venti frappuccinos, soy lattes and skinny peppermint mochas – Italy has certified the classic cappuccino.

Italy’s National Institute for Italian Espresso (it figures they’d have one) has announced what, precisely, constitutes a proper cappuccino – it’s 150ml, served in a ceramic cup, and more froth than liquid. Beyond that, it should “leave a smear of milk on the inside of the cup” when you’re done drinking it, which should only take seconds, too.

Italians drink cappuccinos by the boatload in the mornings on their way to work, but never – I repeat, never – after lunch. You wanna look like a tourist in Italy? Order a cappuccino after devouring your pizza. You wanna look like a local? Order an espresso drink without milk (Italians think it messes with digestion).

If you want to make the perfect cappuccino, there’s a recipe at the end of this article.