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Videos of Stromboli Volcano Erupting

Stromboli is one of Italy’s active volcanoes and, along with Mt. Etna on Sicily, it belches every once in awhile. Stromboli’s been grumbling lately, although it’s apparently calmed down since… But still – we’ve got some excellent videos of the recent eruptions for you! Yay for digital videos!

First, this fellow has four videos up on Stromboli erupting – these videos are taken from on the island right next to the volcano, remember. That’s a supreme level of nuttiness. Check them all out, they’re short, but this is the one that’s most dramatic (right at the beginning):

Next, here’s another video from someone on the island – and damn, it looks cold up there:

Here’s a “day after” shot, where it’s less about the lava and more about the ash and smoke:

And finally, some history – this video is from Stromboli’s April 2006 eruption (the nighttime shots of the lava spraying into the air and then making glow-in-the-dark polka dots all over the ground are just spectacular):