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First Italy Photo Contest Winner Announced!

After much consideration, both by me and several of my coworkers, the winner for the first Italy Logue photo contest has been decided. It was a difficult choice, as all the photographs submitted are excellent and capture something special about Italy – but in the end, only one winner could be chosen. So, congratulations to Francesca M., who took the winning shot in Venice!


Francesca’s photograph was taken on a quiet Venetian canal in October 2006, and Francesca says about the photo:

It’s probably my favorite photo from Italy because I absolutely loved Venice! I expected to hate it, or maybe I just had really low expectations because I’d heard/read so many negative things about it. But I fell in love with the city and wish we’d planned to spend more time there on that trip.

As a long-time lover of Venice myself, I can totally understand how Francesca would fall in love with such a magical city. It doesn’t hurt that she clearly found at least a few peaceful moments, like this one on a small canal where the water is still, where she could really get a feel for what makes Venice special.

Congratulations to Francesca, who wins my copy of “Vucciria” by Mauro d’Agati, the oversized coffee-table photo book that takes an unflinching (and beautifully saturated) look at a forgotten neighborhood of Palermo. I hope she finds the photographs as intriguing and inspiring as I did.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph – be sure to check out all the entries in our first Italy photo contest, and keep those cameras going – you never know when the second contest will come up!