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Italy Photo of the Week: Easter Window

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For this Italy photo of the week, let’s get seasonal here in Milan:


It’s coming up on Easter here in Italy, and every sweet shop worth its salt has a gorgeous Easter display in its window. There are chocolate (and other) eggs of the sizes we’re used to back in the States, but the ones that get the prime real estate in the windows are the eggs that are almost the size of a human head. I’m not joking. You can’t get an accurate idea of size from this picture, but trust me when I say I’ve seen some you could fit a small baby in. The ones in this photo were probably nearly eight inches tall – and that’s without the spray of extra wrapping at the top. Don’t worry about eating all that chocolate, though, because the big eggs are almost all hollow. In fact, some of them contain special gifts (sometimes even jewelry!). You can see the whole window of this particular shop here.

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