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Italy Photo of the Week: Market Day

For this Italy photo of the week, we’re in Milan:


This is one of the food stalls from the weekly market which took place on the street right in front of the apartment I lived in for six weeks this past Spring. And while it is, in fact, in Milan, this photograph could be from any number of cities, towns and villages all over Italy. Market day is one of my favorite things about Italy, because not only can you pick up wonderful produce, meats, cheeses, and bread, you can also grab whatever else you might need at home. The market in front of my apartment had stalls devoted entirely to household cleaning products, clothing (one stall sold nothing but underwear), flowers and potted plants – there was even a pet food stall. At home in the U.S. I grumble about doing the grocery shopping. In Italy, it’s something I looked forward to.

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