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Italy Photo of the Week: Quiet Canal (or Not)

For this Italy photo of the week, we’re in Venice:

In my opinion, Venice is endlessly photogenic. And not every picture has to have dozens of tourists in it, either. My most recent visit was at the end of February, and although it was still crowded there were moments of peaceful bliss in little side streets and quiet corners – and moments like that can be found anytime. You just have to be patient and get off the tourist track… And if you can’t find the ideal moment of peaceful bliss, you can still make your photographs look like you did!

I snapped the photo above during my February visit, and just to the left of the shot there was a gondoliere negotiating the fee for his services with a group of tourists (that’s his gondola I got a picture of) and a small bridge just off a relatively busy “street” which had pretty constant foot-traffic all day long. But if you look at my photo, you’d never know there was anyone else around me. Remember, photography is largely about illusion – you create the story simply by the way you frame your picture, and no one else has to know the difference.

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