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Italy Photo of the Week: Siena Palio Marching Band

I’m going to try something new and introduce an Italy photo of the week to you here. I’ve got a bunch of pictures uploaded now on the Italy photos page of this travel guide, and that’s not even all the photos of Italy I have (there are still plenty which pre-dated my digital camera, so I’ve got to find time – or a willing slave! – to scan them), so I should be able to keep this up for awhile. Plus, I plan to be seriously snap-happy on my upcoming trip, so that ought to set this feature up for awhile.

For starters, check out this picture from Siena in 2001:

marching band

I was there in July, almost exactly between the two runs of the Siena Palio. So while I didn’t see any crazy bareback horse riding, I did see sand between the stones of Il Campo and I did see one of the contrade marching with a band and flag bearers through their neighborhood and then into the piazza. Think of this like a pep rally – the band was followed by folks who lived in that neighborhood, all wearing the flag kerchiefs around their necks. It was pretty fantastic.

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