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I'm Back!

I returned late on Saturday night from my three-week trip to Italy. I’m sad the trip is over, and simultaneously happy to be home (in my own comfy bed!). I’ve got all kinds of photos, video, stories, and tips to share with you – and I’m excited to get back to writing.
I hope you were able to follow along with at least some of the trip via the WhyGo Italy Twitter account – I enjoyed posting those brief notes about what I was doing, and I loved interacting with people on Twitter during the trip. It was especially fun during those times when I was by myself at mealtime – through Twitter, I instantly had several dinner companions!
My internet access, on the other hand, was pretty limited for most of the trip, so I wasn’t able to reply to comments/questions on the site or even emails in the speedy manner I prefer. I appreciate your patience as I sift through all the messages I need to respond to.