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Italy Travel Twitterers I Like (and You Probably Will, Too)

In the past year or so, I’ve become an avid fan of Twitter – and while I do use it quite a bit for work, I also find it really helpful for keeping with friends I’ve made in Italy (thankfully, most of them are geeky enough to be active Twitterers, too!). The network of Italy travel Twitterers has grown significantly in the last six months, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here. Take a tour of these accounts and see which ones you might want to add to your follow list.

WhyGo Italy’s Favorite Italy Travel Twitterers

  • Sara Rosso @rosso – Sara’s an American expat living in Milan, and we met back in November of 2007 on my first trip to the city. Her Twitter feed is about a mix of travel, food, Italy, and tech stuff.
  • Michelle Fabio @michellefabio – Michelle is also an American expat, and she lives in her family’s ancestral village in Calabria. She’ll often post updates about what life is like in a rural Calabrian town, which is (as you might expect) very different than life in Milan!
  • Cherrye Moore @mybellavita – Another American expat in Calabria, Cherrye and her husband run a B&B in Catanzaro. Both her Twitter feed and her blog often have funny tidbits about Italian culture.
  • Christine Cantera @MissExpatria – Christine lives in the South of France, but her heart is in Rome. And she’s just downright hysterical so often that I don’t care where she lives.
  • Deirdre Straughan @DeirdreS – Although Deirdre now lives in Colorado, she spent almost two decades as an expat in Italy, and many of her Twitter posts are still about aspects of Italian culture. Her blog is also a treasure trove of cultural insights.
  • Jessica Stewart @romephotoblog – Jessica lives, as you might guess, in Rome. She works for Context Travel, and takes some gorgeous pictures of Rome.
  • Robin Locker @MyMelange – Robin still lives in the U.S., but (like me) she has dreams of moving to Italy. She writes about both France and Italy, but I’ll let the France stuff slide.
  • Angela Nickerson @AKNickerson – Angela lives in California, but has written a book about Rome and sometimes leads tours in Italy as well.
  • Judy Witts @divinacucina – Many of the expats living in Italy that I know of have been there for 10 years or less; but Judy’s been living in Tuscany for more than 25 years! She’s a real foodie, and leads market tours in Florence.
  • Katie Parla @katieparla – Katie is another Context Travel person who lives in Rome, and she writes about both travel in Italy and Italian food. Two of my personal favorites.
  • Italian Language from Byki @italianlanguage – Okay, there are better ways to learn a language than from Twitter, but I do think it’s fun to have little Italian lessons pop up in my Twitter feed.
  • Italy Magazine on Twitter @cinguettare – This might be my favorite new Twitter feed, primarily because of the name. “Cinguettare” is the Italian verb for “to twitter,” as in birds chirping. Brilliant. The feed is Italian language tips, and it’s from the people at Italy Magazine.
  • Kathy McCabe @dreamofitaly – Kathy lives most of the year in the U.S., but she’s the editor of the Dream of Italy newsletter and regularly leads tours in Italy.
  • James Martin @wanderingitaly – James splits his time between California and Italy, but writes about Italy. And food.
  • Italia News @ItaliaNEWS – I love this news feed of headlines regarding what’s going on in Italy. Sometimes it’s more than I can keep up with, but it’s a great resource. And some of the news clips are for Italian-language stories, so you can practice your Italian, too!

And don’t forget, if you’re not already following WhyGo Italy on Twitter, I’m @italylogue!

>> Kathy of Dream of Italy has put together a fabulous list of Italy travel twitterers, which I’m sure will continue to get updated as more and more of us get on Twitter. It’s worth bookmarking for reference.