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Expat Resource: How-To Italy


Part of my “day job” at BootsnAll includes reviewing the applications for new members of our travel community. One morning a couple months ago, I saw an application that caught my eye, for what I think you’ll see are obvious reasons!

Emma Bird had applied to join the BootsnAll community, and as I read more about her, I learned that she’s originally from England and has been living in Italy for some time (Sardegna, to be exact). She’s quite the entrepreneur, and has a book out (now available in the US) called “Starting a Business in Italy.” While the husband and I aren’t interested in starting our own business, a cursory glance at the other services Emma offers at How-To Italy piqued my interest. I’m sure I’ll be calling on her at some point – it would be silly to ignore that kind of expertise right under my nose!

And just to make it clear that even if you’re fluent in Italian, that doesn’t make everything go smoothly or easily. Emma’s on the cusp of a house reconstruction (which was just supposed to be a few minor repairs), which she’s chronicling at her blog, Oh Dear the Roof Collapsed. Note to self: If we ever get to the house-buying part, proceed with much caution; “rustic” is only a good thing when you’re not responsible for the repairs.