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Expat Resource: Pet Movers


I’m sure some pet owners are content to leave their dogs and cats with family or friends in their home country rather than deal with the hassle of getting the furry creatures to a new home abroad. For the husband and I, that’s not an option. Our three (yes, three) cats are family, and if we move to Italy, they’re coming with us. Whether they like it or not. (That’s the eldest, Jasmine, at the left – keeping me company as I write for the Italy Logue.)

The husband found a couple websites for companies that do pet relocation, both international and domestic (I had no idea there was even such an industry out there) – Animals Away and IPATA. The latter is an international trade association for “professional pet shippers,” so is likely to have some good overall information. I say “is likely to have” as I haven’t read through these sites yet. I only know that at some point I’m going to have to face the reality of (probably) drugging the three furry beasts in our house in order to get them into cat carriers so they don’t freak out too much on a long plane ride. (We’re talking about animals that hate getting into the carriers for brief trips in the car, so this ain’t gonna be no picnic.) It’s nice to know that there are professionals out there to help if (more like when) I get totally overwhelmed by the entire process. I mean, Cynthia Rae did it, so I know it can be done, but still. Ugh. Thinking about it just about gives me hives.