Italy Travel News 01/05/2011

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"Italy Food EtiquetteThis is a lovely post by Sherry Ott that includes some tips for dining in Italy. Aside from the information, the photos alone are worth clicking through to see.
  • New Focus on Italian Food’s AuthenticityUnlike the title suggests, I think the “Italianissimi” project is a new effort in an old fight – trying to make sure things that bear the “Made in Italy” label are actually made in Italy, & that food products claiming to be Italian style is made according to Italian food rules. We’ll see if a new name makes the effort more successful. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)
  • The 6 Most Scenic Spots in Italy [Slideshow]I’m not a huge fan of the slideshow format online that requires you to click through page after page to see the whole thing, but these photos of Italy *are* pretty… Is your favorite scenic spot in Italy featured?
  • January 2, 2011: the race for winter sales in ItalyThe winter sales period has begun in Italy, although the official start date depends on where you are – in the south sales began as early as Jan 2nd, while some areas will have to wait until the 10th.
  • Getting Around Italy by TrainMy friend Amie from Ciao Bambino! asked me to write an overview post for her blog about getting around Italy by train, so of course I was happy to do that. It’s an overview article, with a few major things that I find people are confused about, and links to more detail if you want it.
  • Spring in ItalyIt’s time to start really getting down to business planning your 2011 trips to Italy! For those savvy travelers planning shoulder season trips this year, here’s what to expect from Italy in the spring.
  • Italy in MarchIf winter is too cold for a trip to Italy and summer is too expensive, try early spring – it may be chilly, but it’ll be cheaper and if you head south you could get lots of sun. Here’s what to expect from Italy in March
  • Italy in AprilPlanning a trip further into the spring? Here’s what to expect from Italy in April.
  • Gregory Crewdson’s Graveyard of Italian CinemaThis is a gorgeous & haunting set of photos from the overgrown & neglected back lots of Rome’s Cinecitta movie studios.
  • An Intermingling of History and Luxury in ItalyThis Positano villa is gorgeous, has been rented by the links of Justin Timberlake before, & is now for sale. For a meager 8.5 million euro. Any takers? (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

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