Italy Travel News 04/19/2010

  • Italy’s troubled economy: Still tottering

    Greece's economic straits are all over the news lately, but Italy's economy isn't in a much rosier position.

  • Berlusconi vows to free Italy of tax “oppression”

    I can totally get behind the idea of wanting to reduce the amount of bureaucracy and red tape in Italy, but the "oppression of taxes?" In a country where a large percentage of the population doesn't pay their complete taxes already? Really?

  • On What Italian-Americans Can Teach You About Personal Finance

    This is an interesting article; it's essentially tips for living frugally, but as seen through the eyes of Italian immigrants to America (the author's parents).

  • Rail Strike Put Off Until May 28

    Italian rail strikes are scheduled affairs, so they're relatively easy to re-schedule if need be. Since the Iceland volcanic eruption has made air travel impossible in Europe for days, a train strike in Italy that was supposed to go from April 22-23 has been postponed until May 28. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)



  • Milan’s Courtyards

    Milan's public face isn't typically the one visitors come looking for when they come to Italy. They want Roman ruins, hilltop towns, and quiet cobbled streets. Milan is all hustle & bustle – until you get to its inner courtyards.

  • Italy in May: Travel Tips

    May is right around the corner, so if you've got a May visit to Italy planned this WhyGo Italy article will help you figure out what the weather will be like in May, if there will be any holidays/festivals going on while you're there, and point you in the direction of other trip-planning tools you'll need.

  • What English Sounds Like to Foreigners

    From the site: "An Italian singer wrote this song with gibberish to sound like English. If you've ever wondered what other people think Americans sound like, this is it." It's a catchy little ditty. Nevermind that it doesn't mean anything in English OR Italian! (via @waelkhairy88 on Twitter)

  • Ferrari Bicycle: only 12,000 euro

    Ferrari doesn't just make cars… They make bicycles, too! And it's "only" 12,000 euro. (via @onlyinitaly on Twitter)

  • US couple’s planned suicide in Rome goes thwarted by hotel staff

    What a crazy story… A couple from California went to Rome with the intention to commit suicide together. He succeeded, but staff at their Rome hotel broke into the room before she died and rushed her to the ER. They pumped her stomach.

  • Italy rebuffs gay marriage

    The constitutional court in Italy has turned down an appeal to have gay marriages in two different cities in Italy (Venice & Trento). Couples in those cities wanted their city halls to post marriage announcements for gay couples the same way they do for straight couples, but the court said no.

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