Italy Travel News 11/11/2010

  • Episode 23: My Calabria « Eye on Italy Podcast

    The latest Eye On Italy podcast is up – this week we chatted with Rosetta Costantino about her new cookbook, "My Calabria," and Rosetta kindly made a copy of the book available for us to give away to one lucky listener. There's a question in the podcast and on the show notes for this episode that we'd like you to answer in the comments section for a chance at winning your own copy of "My Calabria," so head over to the EOI site and comment away!

  • Enoteca Maria

    This NY restaurant apparently has a staff of actual Italian grandmas (well, at least Italian women) in the kitchen. Anyone in New York been there? Care to report back? (via @WhyGoFrance on Twitter)

  • Let’s Pizza

    Oh, there are no words. A vending machine that will supposedly make a personal pizza – including kneading the dough – in about three minutes. If you're in any of the Italian cities where this machine is currently available, please be my guinea pig and test it out for me. I mean, if it looks completely unappetizing, you don't have to eat it, of course… (via @WhyGoFrance on Twitter)

  • The Vatican Library to opens its doors to public for special exhibition

    From November 11 through January 31 of 2011, the Vatican Library is open to the public (they normally require a lengthy application process to get in). It's definitely something to look into doing if you're going to be in Rome.



  • During ‘Barter Week,’ Italian B&Bs accept swaps as payments

    What an exceptionally cool idea – from November 15-21, participating B&Bs in Italy will barter for a stay. This is the 2nd year the event has happened in Italy, so hopefully it'll continue. I'd like to be there for it next year! (via @joanna_haugen on Twitter)

  • Building Collapses at Pompeii

    In case you missed it earlier in the week, here's more information about the building that collapsed at Pompeii – including images from Google Earth and Google Street View showing where the building is in the excavation site. The collapse inspired critics almost immediately, including some who are calling for the privitization of the site (it's currently managed by the Italian government).

  • Please don’t privatise Pompeii

    And regarding the calls for Pompeii's privitization, this piece in the UK's Guardian brings up some good points about why the site shouldn't be privitized. What do you think? (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Rough Seas in Amalfi

    After my recent visit to Amalfi when the weather was stormy enough that boats didn't run for two days, I was surprised to see just how rough the sea in the area can get. According to these photos on friend Laura's blog, the weather I saw was hardly a ripple in comparison!

  • Maltempo in Amalfi

    Here are more photos by Laura on her Nile Guide site of the big waves crashing into the rocky cliffs under the main road of Amalfi – in one of the pictures you can see one of the big buses that ferry passengers from town to town along the coast, and it's dwarfed by the spray from the sea. Incredible.

  • A wine-soaked tour of Italy’s finest wines

    Looking for the perfect gift for the Italy wine lover on your list? A new book by Joe Bastianich called "Grandi Vini" is getting quite a bit of praise. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

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