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Amateur Traveler Italy Podcasts

A travel podcasting and blogging friend of mine, Chris Christensen, is the man behind the popular Amateur Traveler podcast – and when he graciously offered to put together a cute Italy map with links to all the Italy episodes from the Amateur Traveler, I thought that sounded like a fine addition to WhyGo Italy.
On each episode of the Amateur Traveler podcast, Chris talks to one traveler about one destination – so although it’s not a comprehensive guide to that place, it’s a great way to get one person’s perspective on a location. You might learn about a favorite restaurant, a good day trip, or a valuable insight only someone who’s been there would know.
You’ll find Chris’ map below, with icons representing Amateur Traveler episodes that dealt with various places in Italy. Click on an icon to learn more about what’s in each show, and then click on the link to open a new window and either listen to the show online or learn about how to download it to your iPod.
As new Italy shows to the Amateur Traveler archives, they’ll automatically be added to the map.

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