Another Close Encounter of the Ferrari Kind


Some of you may remember a post I wrote about the husband’s and my last trip to Italy, where we stopped outside Bologna to see a Ferrari Formula 1 car on the legendary car maker’s own test track. (That’s the outline of the track to the right – no, it’s not a weird crop circle.) Well, I got a nice note from a reader called Ian not too long ago who had a very similar experience:

My wife and I just returned from 2 weeks in Europe, where she indulged me to go to the Ferrari Galleria and then up to the Pista.

We both got a huge grin reading your comments because we did exactly the same thing! We went to Acetaia Malpighi in Modena, then on to Maranello to Ferrari Galleria. And yep, we waited at the end of that road just down from the entrance to the Pista, peering through the fence. My wife sat in the car reading a tour book as I drooled just in the fact of being in a place that I never thought my feet would be. For 30 minutes… nothing. No cars. No sound. Nothing. And we’d seen 3 Fioranos and a Scaglietti go in. So, I KNEW there were some toys in there. Then, just like you said… the sound. Screaming down the track into the hairpin then SCREAMING out… wow. After watching the cars go round for almost an hour, my wife was convinced of the majesty of “Ferraaaaaaari”! 🙂 And yes, the apartments just to the left would be the place to be!

Thanks for the message, Ian! I’m glad you waited long enough to see the car come out, and I’m glad your wife ended up having a good time, too.




And if you’ve got a story you want to share about your experiences in Italy, I’d love to hear it – just drop me a note!

Photo by: Federico Basile

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