Another Italy Book to Read

I’ve got a giant stack of books beside my bed (not to mention the bookcases which are overflowing in my living room), but it’s kind of a situation of having too many choices – whenever I finish a book, I agonize over what to read next. Perhaps that stems from the idea that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never read everything I want to read in my lifetime. More likely it’s just that I’m a bad decision maker.


At any rate, Shelley of At Home in Rome has given me yet another book to add to my pile – even if this one is only virtual at the moment. Penelope Green’s “When in Rome” sounds both entertaining and informative, so even if I end up living somewhere other than Rome, I’d love to get my hands on a copy of this apparently difficult to obtain book.




In the meantime, I’ve still got Tobias Jones’ “The Dark Heart of Italy” waiting for me (the husband just finished it, and thought it was fantastic) and a large hardcover book about Rome which I received in order to review for this blog. I’ll probably get to the review book next, and will fill you in when I’ve finished it. And if you’ve got any Italy-related books you’d like to suggest get added to my reading list, by all means let me know.

Photo by: Pesky Librarians

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