Cheap Winter Airfare to Italy from the US

Visiting Italy in the winter might not be your top choice when you’re dreaming about your ideal Italian vacation, but the reality is that traveling to Italy from the United States is extremely expensive and it’s only getting more so with the rapidly declining value of the dollar against the euro. The fastest way to save money when you travel – anywhere in Europe – is to get a great deal on airfare to Europe. Which is why I think you’ll be happy to hear about these fantastic airfare deals from the US to Europe.

The Cheap Ticket Links blog has found some killer deals from cities all over the United States to cities all over Europe, including some in Italy, and though you might have to be a little flexible with your travel dates you’re likely to save a bundle on your plane tickets. Since that’s easily the largest expense of any travel budget, you’ll immediately have more money to play with when you’re thinking about where to stay, what to do and what souvenirs to buy. You can also relieve a little of the stress you’re feeling about how awful the exchange rate is right now!




So even if Italy in winter isn’t what you were dreaming about, this is too good an opportunity to pass up – and once you’re inside museums, churches and restaurants, you won’t know what the weather’s like outside, anyway, right? Besides, the country’s got plenty of espresso and wine to warm you up if you get chilly. Get a great deal on winter airfare to Europe and start planning your Italy vacation today.

Photo by: Jimmy Pierce

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