CNN Says Italy’s a Popular Tourist Destination

Anyone who’s visited Italy, especially during the summer, would be surprised to know that tourists visit any other country on the planet besides Italy. It can feel like every single holiday-maker is in Italy sometimes. Navigating the Uffizi or the Vatican Museum or, frankly, any street in Venice during the high season can be an exercise in frustration – it’s nigh to impossible to see the Botticellis for the crowds.


And yet, according to this article, more US citizens at least visit the United Kingdom and France every year than they do Italy. Much of the article is about other parts of Europe, but a section called “Italy a hot destination” says this:

“Italy with a capital I, that’s where the action is,” said Mike Weingart, a Carlson Wagonlit travel agent in Houston.




AAA Travel booked more trips to Italy this year than any other destination in Western Europe, with a 9 percent growth over last year and a whopping 34 percent of all AAA bookings to the region.

“One of the top questions we have been getting is, ‘Where in Italy do I go?”‘ said Frommer, who hosts a radio show with her father Arthur. “It seems to be very popular among first-time visitors.”

Americans are “more savvy now about the pleasures of contemporary Italian culture,” Lombardi added. “They can go and see the Pantheon, but they also realize that great Italian food is not spaghetti and meatballs.” They want to sample regional identities, cuisine and villages in places like Tuscany and Umbria.

Whether you’re a first time traveler or a seasoned one, Italy has something for everyone. Be sure to read the articles in the Italy Travel Guide, where you can also research accommodations all over the country as well. And if you’ve got questions for me, please let me know!

Photo by: agdsanchez

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