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Eating a Sandwich in Venice Could Get You Fined

fatShowing a lack of respect for Venice could net you more than an embarrassing finger wag or “tsk tsk” from the decorum police – it could net you a €25 fine.

Back in June, seven women were enlisted to be the “guardians of decorum” for the canal city, and since then they’ve been making sure that tourists understand it’s not appropriate to sit on the ground in St. Mark’s Square, walk around bare-chested or sit around eating a sandwich. There is a certain level of decency which is expected of everyone, locals and tourists alike, and rather than just let that level slip to where locals are turning up their noses and decrying the influx of “ugly tourists,” Venice has been educating visitors to what is expected of them. And if a polite reminder from the decorum police doesn’t do the trick, the ladies are empowered to call a traffic warden who will issue tickets and impose €25 fines on un-cooperative tourists.

So let this be a lesson to you – maintain your dignity in Venice, not just for the sake of what is right and proper, but also to save yourself some money.