Eurolines Bus Stops in Italy

Backpacking around Europe is one of those rites of passage for many young travelers, and that usually means surviving on a shoestring budget for as long as humanly possible. Taking the train from place to place is the transportation method most often associated with backpackers in Europe, but it’s not the only cheap way to get around – and in many cases it’s not nearly the cheapest option.

One of the cheapest ways to get from one country to another in Europe is on Eurolines buses. Taking the bus isn’t as quick as the high-speed trains, and it’s certainly not as fast as flying, but the price is regularly lower than both of those other options. Yes, you can sometimes get lucky and find a killer deal on a budget airline in Europe that’ll get you from country to country for under $20, but you can’t count on those sales popping up just when you need them – especially if you’re on a really tight budget.

As you may have read on this site before, traveling from one region to another in Italy via bus is extremely difficult. Within Italy, buses are regional networks – getting from one city to another in the same region (Siena to Florence, for instance, both in Tuscany) is no trouble at all. But the regional bus networks in Italy don’t work together to create a national network.

The regional buses in Italy could learn a thing or two from Eurolines.

Eurolines is essentially a coalition formed by 30+ different bus companies in several European countries. By joining forces, these separate companies have made it incredibly easy for travelers to book a trip from one country to another by simply booking that trip with Eurolines.

Italy is one of the countries that Eurolines covers, and there are 20 cities in Italy served by Eurolines routes. You’ll find a list below of all the Eurolines bus stops in Italy, with addresses and some additional information for each where it’s been provided by Eurolines. Again, it’s important to remember that you can’t book a trip on a Eurolines bus to get from Venice to Rome – but you can book a trip from Rome to Paris to Amsterdam on Eurolines. Also keep in mind that not every one of the Eurolines stops listed below has service to every Eurolines destination – it’s important to plot out your trip on the Eurolines website to see exactly what your options are.

Eurolines Bus Stops in Italy

Ancona – Bus Stop: Casello (tollbooth) Autostradale Ancona Nord

Aosta – Bus Stop: Autostazione, Via Giorgio Carrel 1

Bologna – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Terminal Bus, Piazza XX Settembre 6, next to train station (Bologna Centrale – tel:

Brescia – Bus Stop: Autostazione CIBA, Via Solferino, stop 22-23

Firenze (Florence) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Autostazione Lazzi, Piazza Adua 2




Genova (Genoa) – Bus Stop: Piazza della Vittoria 30r; Reservation Address: Geotravels, Piazza della Vittoria 57R (tel:

L’Aquila – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Terminal Bus Collemaggio – tel:

Mestre – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Eurolines office, Viale Stazione 1, Piazzale Favretti, ATVO stop (tel: 041.538.2118)

Milano (Milan) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Milano Lampugnano, vlabij de metro stop (rode lijn), stop C2, Eurolines office

Modena – Bus Stop: Casello (tollbooth) A/1 – Modena Sud

Napoli (Naples) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Eurolines office, Piazza Garibaldi 80 (tel:

Padova (Padua) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Autostazione Piazzale Boschetti, stop 8; Siamic Express, Sita – tel:

Parma – Bus Stop: In the parking lot at the driveway/entrance to the Autostradale Parma Nord

Pesaro – Bus Stop: At the “Foglia” Service Area

Reggio Emilia – Bus Stop: Casello (tollbooth) A/1

Roma (Rome) – Bus Stop: Autostazione Tiburtina, Piazzale Autolinee; Reservation Address: Eurolines office, Circonvallazione Nomentana 574 (tel: 06.440.40.09)

Teramo – Bus Stop: Piazza Garibaldi; Reservation Address: Baltour, Piazza Garibaldi 59 (tel:

Torino (Turin) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Autostazione, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 131, Palazzina B, stop 4, Eurolines – tel: 011.433.81.00

Venezia (Venice) – Bus Stop & Reservation Address: Eurolines office, Piazzale Roma 497/G, stop B8 – tel: 041.538.21.18

Verona – Bus Stop: Stazione FS Porta Nuova, Viale Cardinale 38, Eurolines stop; Reservation Address: Brec Viaggi, Via Interrato Acquamorta 60 (Piazza Isolo) (tel:

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