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Fall Travel Deals to Italy

Summer’s coming to an end, which means there are all kinds of fall travel deals coming out right now. And with projections way down for tourist numbers in Italy this summer, no doubt the folks in the Italian tourist industry will be hoping to make up some of that lost revenue in this shoulder season. I’ve been seeing lots of Italy deals come across my radar screen lately, and I’ve been posting them as I find them on a sister site, Cheap Travel Scout. Here are a couple of the deals I’ve written about recently:

There have been some really spectacular Italy travel deals lately, so if you’re in the market for an Italy vacation this fall, sign up for the RSS feed from Cheap Travel Scout so you’ll see them as I post them. If you’d prefer to get email updates, there’s an orange box on the front page where you can sign up for those. You can also do a search over there for the word “Italy” and see what’s been posted already.